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Activities in Antigua Guatemala


The ambiance at La Academia de Español Sevilla is friendly and inviting. Not only do we offer use of computers with internet, and WiFi, in the school, but also a wide range of cultural activities. Below are some of the extracurricular activities offered to our students without charge:

  • Dance Lessons Salsa & Merengue Every Monday
  • Football-Soccer
  • Happy Hour
  • Tour to "El cerro de la Cruz"
  • Latin American Films
  • Collective Grammar Classes
  • Social Projects
  • Guided Tours in Antigua to the Monuments and Monasteries
  • Participation in local religion, cultural and social events
  • Enjoyable parties all year round


The activities on this list have a minimum cost

  • Tour to coffee plantation
  • Tour to Macademia Farm 
    ( nut plantation )
  • Tour to the Active Volcano Pacaya (including entrance)
  • Horseback riding to the villages 
    around Antigua
  • Mountain Bike Tour
  • Traditional clothing and weaving demonstrations
    (including how to make tortillas)
  • Tour to visit a Mayan God 
    "San Simón" with Mayan ceremonies
  • Pic-Nic in a beautiful Tropical place 
    with: swimming pools, jacuzzi, sauna 
    and recreational areas
  • Traditional festival 
    (day of the Saints 1st of November)


We have free salsa and merengue classes, here in the school every Monday, and for those who are especially keen dancers, we offer private classes




The school has its very own BIG screen with sound system, where students can watch films in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles, sport events , etc.




We offer our students free limited use of computers with Internet access, unlimited wireless internet. We'll happily receive your FAX, phone calls/messages and personal mail at our reception desk.




Volunteer work Sevilla

At La Academia de Español, we take an active interest in our community and its needs and we encourage our students to participate in other activities and local community projects. There are many outside activities in which our students may become involved. Many of our students volunteer some of their spare time and give service in the local orphanage, home for the aged, hospitals and other community projects.



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